About Nathan Zaremskiy

Hello! And welcome to my portfolio, where I display some of my best work for everyone to enjoy.
I've been on and off with photography for over a decade, but recently that cement has hardened and I am 100% committed to photography thanks to a magical slot canyon.
Believe it when someone says "That place has literally changed my life" because, for me, it did. I've loved the outdoors, but I haven't been much of a hiker or adventurer when I took my first trip off the beaten path and ventured into a slot canyon in the very heart of the Columbia river gorge, I had found beauty like no other. The walls were so high and narrow, blanketed with vibrant green moss, and a delightful waterfall at the very end to add the cherry on top. Personally, I think that if I hadn't gone on that trip, you would not be reading this right now, and my life would be drastically different.
Ever since then, I had explored the majority of the trails in the gorge, my camera in tow, but I hadn't learned the most important lesson in photography just yet, at least to me its the most important. That moment would come on the eagle creek trail, just a little over a year later. Love the land, more than photography. Spend more time admiring nature, rather than wondering if you've set the right aperture and if you've nailed focus or not.
Since then, my outlook on the landscape has changed for the better, and so have my photographs. My mission with photography is to show the land we all know and love is worth protecting, and why we should protect it. The forests of mount hood and the gorge have an ecosystem so vast and dynamic that you couldn't possibly explore it all in your lifetime, that is what I love about it! you can see everything change each time you go on a hike, something will always be different. Which is why I am advocating for the establishment of Mount Hood National Park, to help preserve and protect the landscape. As well as for research, better forest management, and a larger trail network to help accommodate more tourists.
It's only my 3rd year shooting in the mount hood national forest, only God knows what I'll come across on in the coming years. And I am excited for what is to come!